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What is Menlo Voices for Hope? How was it started, what is its mission, and what are its visions for the future? 


Menlo Voices for Hope was founded in August of 2021. A small cohort of high schoolers from Menlo School in Atherton, California got together, all sharing a passion for music and the arts. Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, the students of Voices for Hope worked to organize a benefit concert to raise awareness about teen mental health, specifically how students used the arts to cope with the pandemic.  

Youth mental health was a focus for us especially due to its prominent impact on our community during the pandemic. Social isolation, striking global news, and a complete alteration of life itself took a toll on our students and teachers. We saw the profound effects the pandemic had. We were living not only amidst a COVID crisis, but a mental health crisis too. 


As our community returned to normalcy, we had a vision to use music and the arts to bring us together. The power of music is unmatched and wide-ranging. It is known to improve our mood, memory, cognition, and more. Students of Menlo School harnessed the power of music during the pandemic, and we were passionate about showcasing this with the community. Our event in April of 2022 featured over 60 student and faculty performers, notable guest speakers, and student speakers. We have a vision to use the healing power of music to bring communities together, educate people on important global issues, and start the conversations that will fuel the change-makers of the future.  

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Thank you to our partners who have supported our endeavors and mission to make a difference in the community. We are thankful for your support, encouragement, and dedication to our vision. 

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